Dancing to Lose WeightIf you’re losing weight through diet and exercise and have become bored with your workout routine, why not try dancing to lose weight!?

Dancing to lose weight is something anyone can do, even those who claim to have no rhythm and two left feet.  If you’re not comfortable dancing in public, consider taking a beginner’s dance class.  With so many styles of dance to choose from, there will surely be something that appeals.  And don’t worry if you don’t have a partner.  Many singles attend beginner’s dance classes and find they enjoy not only the dancing, but the opportunity of socialising and making new friends with people who share a common interest.

If dancing in public is not your thing, there’s nothing stopping you from popping on some music or an aerobic dance DVD and dancing in the privacy of your lounge room.  Remember, dance is a form of personal expression.  There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  When dancing by yourself with no one watching you’ll be able to throw away your inhibitions, try some of those cool moves you’ve seen on MTV, and maybe even come up with some moves of your own.  The more effort you put in, the more calories you will burn, so go for it!

Another great thing about dancing at home by yourself is that you can dance at a time that is convenient to you.  You won’t need to buy any special equipment and you won’t need to dress up.

NB It’s a good idea to warm up and do some gentle stretches before and after dancing to lose weight.  Going all out while your muscles are cold could result in injury.

Benefits of Dancing to Lose Weight

The benefits of dancing to lose weight go well beyond just losing weight.  Along with encouraging weight loss, dancing tones the muscles as it improves flexibility and co-ordination.  And, being an aerobic exercise, dancing conditions the heart and lungs, increases fitness and strengthens the bones, thus reducing the risk of osteoporosis later on in life.

Depending upon the dance, the number of calories burned while dancing can be comparable to those burnt during other more traditional weight loss workouts such as walking or jogging.  As with any exercise, the number of calories burned will depend upon various factors including the height and weight of the person exercising, their metabolic rate, fitness level and how much effort they put in.

As a rough guide, in half an hour of line dancing, waltz or foxtrot one can expect to burn around 125 calories.  Half an hour of aerobic dance will burn approximately 200 calories.  Do hip hop or tap for the same length of time and you will burn around 300 calories, and Zumba will burn between 250 to 400 calories in half an hour.

While some of these burn less calories than more traditional weight loss workouts, compared to some other forms of exercise, dancing to lose weight makes fitness fun.  This means it wll be easy to stick to.   And, since you can dance in the comfort of your home, there’ll be no excuses like it’s too cold or wet outside to walk or jog or drive to the gym.

Even if you love your current exercise regime and have no intention of stopping it, adding dancing to lose weight to your fitness arsenal will enable you to burn extra calories and tone up faster.

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