Easy Ways To Lose WeightEasy ways to lose weight have been devised time and time again.  One of the simplest  and most effective solutions, however, is the counter intuitive technique of indulgence.   That’s right.  Indulgence.  Eating the foods that you know you shouldn’t is actually one of the best, though often overlooked amongst the easy ways to lose weight.  Approached with the right mind-set, it can enable you to successfully shed the pounds you want to lose and get down to that healthier weight, provided – and here’s the catch – you indulge in moderation.

Indulgence in moderation is of course somewhat of an oxymoron, but it is a great way, pardon the pun, to help you go from jumbo to shrimp.  Indulgence in moderation is simple.  Pick one day a week to be your day of indulgence, and on this day eat anything and everything you want. Literally.  On your day of indulgence, eat like a wild animal if you so please, until you’ve had your fill and wish to eat not more.  Eat until you feel guilty or full, then, when your day of indulgence is over, resume your normal diet for the next six days.

The indulgence in moderation technique is all about delayed gratification.  When you have something to work towards, you’re usually more inclined to work.  This simple truth applies to all endeavours, whether they’re physical or mental, and being that losing weight is a true combination of both, indulgence in moderation is very often highly successful when it comes to easy ways to lose weight.

Most people eat junk food for one simple reason: it makes them feel good.  Junk food makes you feel good because it tends to release that little chemical called dopamine that everybody’s always saying so much about.  When you’re eating junk food all the time you’re receiving doses of dopamine all the time, and this effectively creates a physical tolerance level that can very literally lead to addiction.  If, however, through a bit of self mastery and discipline, a person can muster the willpower to delay dopamine release and gratification, they can effectively hi-jack the chemistry of their own body and rewire it so that it promotes the loss of weight.  Master this and you’ll have mastered one of the easy ways to lose weight.

Indulgence in moderation, like most things diet-centric, is of course much easier said than done.  Waiting a week to eat that cheeseburger can be enough to drive some people insane.  On the other hand, such delayed gratification can be extremely rewarding in both a physical and mental sense.  Losing weight and achieving the healthy body that you’ve always wanted will do wonders for your self esteem, but to discover that you’ve actually got the self-control to say no to the foods that may very literally be controlling your life can lead to something even greater than self esteem, and that’s self realization and mastery.  Once you realize that you don’t have to be a slave to your body’s chemistry, you’ll recognize all of the other things in your life that you can actually control.  To discover the full capacity of one’s willpower is in fact one of the greatest tests of being human, and it can start with the simple decision to delay food based satisfaction today.

So the next time you are thinking up easy ways to lose weight, indulge yourself.  Just be sure to do so in moderation.

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