Foods That Burn FatWe all  know that eating too much of the wrong type of food can cause us to gain weight.  We also know that there are certain foods that can be eaten in large quantities without fearing weight gain.  But did you know there are foods that burn fat?

Foods that burn fat work by increasing our metabolic weight, which in turn ups our body’s fat burning capabilities.  Including the following foods that burn fat in your diet on a regular basis will help speed up the process of weight loss.  Not only that, they taste pretty good, too!

1. Apples

Try to eat one or two apples a day.  Apples contain pectin, a component which binds with water, limiting how much fat our cells absorb.  Apples also have a high fiber content.  Foods with a high fiber content create a feeling of fullness, so when we consume them we aren’t as inclined to over eat.

Studies over the years have concluded beyond a doubt that eating one apple, thirty to sixty minutes before mealtime, will result in fewer calories being consumed as a smaller portion of food will be required to reach the point of feeling satisfied.

2. Oats

Oats are commonly thought of us being high in carbohydrates, but this is not the case.  Oats are a whole grain.  They are high in soluble fiber, so they digest slowly.  A bowl of oats makes a great breakfast for anyone wanting to lose weight as it is filling and will keep most people going through until mid-morning and beyond without feeling hungry.  Rolled and steel-cut oats are the better option as they contain around 5 grams of fiber per serve, compared to the 3 to 4 grams instant oatmeal contains.

3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not food per se, but a calorie-free spice that can be added to other fat burning foods to enhance their flavor and increase their fat burning properties.  Research has revealed that cinnamon can help us metabolize sugar.  High insulin levels result in an increase in body fat.  Cinnamon increases our body’s sensitivity to insulin, so including it in our diet regularly will result in us producing less insulin.  As a result, weight gain will be less likely.

As little as 1 gram, or a 1/4 of a teaspoon a day can lower blood sugar and reduce cholesterol by between 10 and 25%.  Cinnamon tastes great in coffee.  It can also be sprinkled on cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese and added to protein shakes and smoothies.

4. Pine Nuts

You may be surprised to find pine nuts on a list of fat burning foods.  Pine nuts are nutrient rich and an excellent source of an Omega-6 fatty acid called pinolenic acid.  Pinolenic acid is a natural appetite suppressant as, when consumed, it activates a hormone called cholecystokinin, or CCK.  When our level of CCK is high we feel less hungry.  Studies have shown that when eaten in moderation on a regular basis, pine nuts can go a long way towards helping prevent belly fat.

5. Eggs

Eggs are an animal protein, but unlike most other animal proteins when eaten in moderation eggs can reduce bad cholesterol levels.  Eggs are filling and nutritious.  They contain high levels of the B group vitamins, including folate and B9, as well as vitamins A and E and minerals such as selenium and iodine.

An egg is an excellent meal choice for anyone wanting to lose weight.  Just be careful what you have with it.  Steer clear of things like bacon, sausages, hash browns and Bearnaise sauce, as these will increase cholesterol levels and add pounds.  Instead, opt for spinach, tomatoes, red bell pepper, zucchini or mushrooms, either stir fried in a little olive oil as a side or added to an omelet.  Alternatively, boil the egg, wilt the spinach in boiling water and oven bake the vegetables.

Eating the above foods that burn fat will help keep you healthy and enable you to peel off those unwanted pounds without feeling hungry.

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