Green Coffee Bean ExtractGreen coffee bean extract, also known as GCBE,  is the hot new trend in weight loss, and for good reason. Not only does green coffee bean extract burn excess body fat, it boosts energy levels, regulates glucose levels and increases metabolic rate.  When our glucose levels are in balance losing weight is easier, and a faster metabolism results in more calories being burned.

A lot of so-called weight loss products are either dismissed by nutritionists and dietitians as being ineffective, or denounced by health professionals for being dangerous.   Green coffee bean extract, on the other hand, has been given the thumbs up by many medical doctors who have publicly endorsed it as being useful in promoting healthy, natural weight loss.  One such doctor is respected TV personality, author and surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Dr. Oz has publicly made positive comments regarding green coffee bean extract on a number of occasions.  Further to this, he conducted a study involving one hundred overweight women, the aim of which was to determine how effective green coffee bean extract is for weight loss.  The results were impressive, with those taking the green coffee bean extract for a fortnight losing two pounds per week compared with a one pound per week loss for those taking a placebo.  This result was achieved solely from taking a 400 mg capsule of green coffee bean extract half an hour before meals, three times a day.  The weight loss occurred without the participants lowering their calorie intake or increasing their activity level.

Another recent study followed the progress of sixteen overweight adults who were given either  low dose green coffee bean extract supplements, higher doses of the same or placebos.  Small though the study was, the results were undeniable.  Participants taking the higher dose of GCBE achieved a weight loss of over 17 pounds and reduced their body weight by over 16% during the course of the 22 week trial.  Again, no dietary or exercise modifications were made.

Cutting back on calories and getting more exercise while taking a green coffee bean extract supplement will, of course, result in greater and faster weight loss.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green coffee beans are regular coffee beans that have not been roasted.  It’s the roasting that changes their color to brown.  Along with this change in color, coffee beans lose most of their main fat burning component, chlorogenic acid, after roasting.

While regular, roasted coffee beans contain a minute amount of chlorogenic acid, green coffee beans contain far more.  To be effective, the green coffee bean extract has to be processed prior to the beans being roasted.

How Does Chlorogenic Acid Work?

Chlorogenic acid has been found to not only be useful in preventing weight gain it has, in fact, been found to promote weight loss.  The reason for this is that it inhibits the absorption of carbohydrates and prevents the liver from releasing excessive amounts of glucose into the bloodstream following a meal.  While we need glucose for energy, an over supply results in the excess being stored as fat.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Health Benefits

The benefit of taking green coffee bean extract doesn’t stop at weight loss.  People who consume green coffee bean extract regularly will often find it to be effective at reducing a too high blood pressure level.  GCBE also balances blood glucose levels by inhibiting the release of an enzyme called G6P.  Additionally, the chlorogenic acid found in GCBE combats free radicals, slowing the aging process and improving muscle tone.

The flavor and aroma of coffee is only evident after raw coffee beans have been roasted, meaning even people who dislike coffee will be able to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits of GCBE.  Oh, and in case you’re wondering, a large dose of green coffee bean extract contains less than a quarter the amount of caffeine as is found in a cup of coffee, so those jittery feelings and sleepless nights that can be associated with caffeine will not be a problem.


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