How to drop weightFiguring out how to drop weight is something most of us are faced with at some point, even those who don’t normally have a weight problem.  Maybe you’ve recently had a baby, are experiencing the hormonal changes that occur during menopause, or you may have been really busy and as a result have been eating fattening convenience food and let your exercise routine slip.  The reason for your weight gain isn’t important.  What is important is finding out how to drop weight, starting from today.  With that in mind, I’ve written this post which contains some of my best tips on how to drop weight easily and how keep the weight off.

How to Drop Weight – 6 Easy Tips

1) Plan Your Meals in Advance

Deciding ahead of time what you’ll be eating over the course of the next week is a key factor in how to drop weight easily.  Surf the net or look through some magazines for inspiration.  The idea is to find some healthy, tasty low calorie meal ideas that will be quick and easy to make and centered around foods you will enjoy eating.

Write out a list of the ingredients you will need.  Double check the list before you go to the supermarket.  That way there will be no excuse to not make that spicy Moroccan salad and reach for a frozen pizza instead.

If some of the meals you’ve chosen will require cooking, try to set some time aside and cook the meals up in one go, freezing what won’t be eaten over the following couple of days.   This way you will always have healthy low calorie food on hand.  It will just be a matter of popping it into the microwave at meal time, so resorting to eating something fattening because you don’t have the time to cook will not be an issue.

If you like variety in your food, make use of different herbs and spices.  These will add flavor without calories and help stop you from becoming bored.

2)  Clear Out Your Fridge and Pantry

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, that frozen pizza will not be on the menu at this point in time.

Clear out any food that is fattening and unhealthy.  If it’s not in your fridge, freezer, pantry or bedside drawer, you won’t be able to snack on it at midnight.  If you’re worried about wastage, pass the food onto a friend.  If you can’t do this immediately, drop it off at a homeless shelter or just bite the bullet and bin it so it’s out of temptation’s way.

3)  Eat Regularly

Don’t skip meals.  This is one of the first solutions that comes to mind for some people who are thinking about how to drop weight, but skipping meals won’t work.  Not only will skipping meals not result in weight loss, it may actually result in weight gain.  When we skip meals we feel hungry, so we tend to overeat at the next meal.  Skipping meals also results in a lowering of our metabolic rate, meaning we burn less calories.

4) Eat Often

As strange as this next tip may sound coming from a post on how to drop weight, along with eating three meals a day, I recommend you try to eat a small amount of food mid morning and mid afternoon.  This is especially important for people with a busy schedule.  A piece of fruit, a small handful of nuts or a few spoonfuls of low fat/low calorie yogurt will keep you going and you won’t experience that energy dip that may make you feel like reaching for a donut or candy bar.  Keeping the body fuelled on a regular basis will also result in a higher metabolic rate.  Just be sure your snacks aren’t fattening and that you factor them into your daily calorie allowance.

5) Exercise

Make the time to exercise.  You don’t have to exercise every day, but aim for at least 3 or 4 times a week, starting off with twenty minutes and building up to forty five minutes or an hour if possible.  If you can’t manage that length of time but can find twenty minutes, aim for that at least 6 times a week.  Some people find that an exercise free day works to their advantage as they miss not exercising so are eager to get back into it at the start of the new week.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore.  Working out with a friend or partner is fun and it will give you an opportunity to chat without distractions.  It will also mean you will be more likely to stick with your routine as you won’t want to let the other person down by skipping workouts.

If you get bored easily, vary the exercise.  Try hiking, jogging, aerobics or just put on some up-tempo music and dance like crazy.  It really doesn’t matter what exercise you do, as long as you do something.

6) Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Once you’ve lost the weight you can relax your diet and indulge a little.  It’s all about balance.  Some people find that eating whatever they like and as much of it as they want (within reason) one day a week works for them and helps keep them on the straight and narrow the other six days.  Others find cutting back for a day or two after eating extra, works.

Now you know how to drop weight easily and keep it off there should be nothing stopping you from getting back to your former shape, or maybe even the best shape of your life.






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