Lose Thigh Fat FastWomen, in particular, are often looking for information on how to lose thigh fat fast.  In our quest for thinner thighs, many of us have fallen for the latest exercise gadgets shown in infomercials on late night TV.  You know the ones that claim we will lose many pounds, inches and clothing sizes simply by using the contraption for five minutes a day for two weeks?   If only it were that simple!

While there are various exercises and exercise machines that will tone up the thigh area, it is not possible to reduce fat from one area of the body alone, either through diet or exercise.  You could exercise your thighs for hours every day from here to eternity, and whilst their muscle tone would improve, if there is a lot of underlying fat your thighs would bulk up and appear even heavier.

One of the best ways to lose thigh fat fast is to lose weight.  If your thighs are large, it may seem that every ounce of weight you gain goes straight to them.  And when you diet, it may appear that you lose weight from everywhere but your thighs.  This,  however, is not the case.  When we gain or lose weight, we gain or  lose it all over, not just in one area.  The parts of our body that have less fat to start with will trim down faster than those with a lot of excess fat, but if you find a good diet plan and stick with it, your thighs will become smaller.

While incorporating thigh toning exercises into your fitness routine will tone up your muscles, to really lose thigh fat fast it’s hard to beat sustained aerobic activity.  It doesn’t really matter if you jog, walk, cycle, do aerobics, a combination of all these, or any other exercise that increases your metabolic rate,  for that matter.  The important thing is consistency.

Find a workout you enjoy and commit to it for between twenty minutes and an hour, at least three to five times a week.  Obviously longer workouts more often will result in faster weight loss, and ultimately a reduction in thigh size.   Combined with a healthy, low calorie diet this is one of the best ways to lose thigh fat fast.

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