Quick Ways to Lose Weight with H2oThe fact that the body is comprised of at least seventy percent water is one of the most important facts to take advantage of when looking for quick ways to lose weight.  Athletes looking to cut weight for performance or weight class reasons have long made use of water altering techniques, and many dieters as well are finding such methods effective.

Many times when a person thinks they’re hungry they are actually thirsty, so one of the first things to remember when using water as a means of quick weight loss is that a glass or two of water can mean the difference between success and failure.  When hungry, always drink some water first – then wait about ten minutes.  If the hunger persists, have a small snack and maybe even another glass of water.  You’ll be surprised at how full you’ll feel.

To lose weight fast, you can also consider doubling your total daily water intake.  While this may seem counter intuitive, doing so will actually give your body no choice but to increase its metabolism and burn calories faster.  In fact, the very definition of the unit calorie is the amount of heat it takes to raise one gram of water one Celsius degree; so, if the amount of water within the body is increased the body will have to work harder to maintain an equilibrated temperature, and thus, its metabolism will have to increase.  The physical side effect of this phenomenon is that a person who is drinking water more will urinate more.  What most people don’t consider is that to urinate more, your body has to work more – whether you realize it or not – and when your body is working more, it’s burning more calories.

Another one of the quick ways to lose weight is to drink water only, and nothing else.  Liquid calories, as they’re often called, can be found in just about everything that isn’t water.  Prominent members of this category include soda, juice and beer, but many other seemingly harmless beverages are actually calorie laden saboteurs.  The iced coffee or tea that you use to start your morning can contain upwards of four hundred calories.  What’s more, is that drinks like these contain caffeine, and if you’re trying to lose water weight, caffeine is a terrible substance to imbibe.  Caffeine is a diuretic, which will make you urinate excessively.  Urination from caffeine is much different than urination from increased water intake though, because when drinking a lot of water you’re basically making an exchange, but when drinking caffeine you’re taking water out without putting any in.  Such a process inevitably leads to dehydration, which besides being unhealthy will disrupt your diet because it will make you crave salt.

Enacted correctly, manipulation of your body’s water intake can help to shed up to twenty pounds in the course of six weeks.  Results like these are known to be rare, but this is only because water based dieting techniques require the utmost discipline and are usually among the easiest dieting commitments to break.

So the next time you’re thinking of quick ways to lose weight, grab yourself a glass of H2O.  Cheers!

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