Treadmill Workout TipsAbove all other exercise machines, the treadmill provides the most organic type of exercise, in walking.  As with regular walking, you won’t require any special abilities to use these machines.  If you can walk, you can do a treadmill workout.

A treadmill offers an effective method of reducing weight and toning up the calves, thighs and buttocks and, to a lesser extent, the abdomen.  If you consistently work within your fat burning target for 30 to 45 minutes or more per session, five or six days a week, it won’t be long before you start seeing the positive effects of a treadmill workout.  As with any other type of exercise, combining a treadmill workout with a sensible eating plan will help you shed unwanted pounds faster than if you were to exercise or diet alone.

One of the best things about a having access to a treadmill, be it at a gym or in your own home, is that it will enable you to exercise in a comfortable environment, regardless of the weather.  If the treadmill is in your home, or if you belong to a 24 hour gym, you will be able to use it at whatever hour of the day or night suits your schedule.

Treadmill workouts are suitable for a wide variety of age groups and fitness levels.  If you are over 40 and haven’t exercised for some time, it’s advisable to get the go ahead from your doctor before starting a treadmill workout plan, or any other exercise plan.

Treadmill Workout How-To

Don’t go too hard when you start working out.  A short workout of fifteen to twenty minutes at a comfortable pace is the way to go.  Going too hard and fast when you are not used to exercising can result in injury, or alternatively you may find the pace too gruelling and not want to continue.  After a week or two you should find your fitness level will begin to improve and you will be able to add five minutes or so to your workout and go a little faster.  Keep up with your fitness routine, and you should soon be able to work out at a brisk pace for between 30 to 45 minutes per session.   The faster you go and the longer you work out, the more fat and calories you will burn.

To help pass the time and allay boredom while doing a treadmill workout, read a book or magazine, watch tv, listen to upbeat music or chat on the phone or with the person next to you if you work out at the gym.

Follow these treadmill workout tips and you will shed excess pounds and shape up.

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